Verrassend: bezoek aan Rivièra Maison HQ

Vanochtend was ik te gast tijdens een inspirerend ontbijt van Rivièra Maison, op het hoofdkantoor in Amsterdam.

ingebruins-rivieramaison-2Samen met een aantal anderen was het genieten; niet alleen van al het lekkers op deze prachtige locatie.. Oók kregen we een kijkje Lees verder


DIY: Happy Summer Tree

While thinking of a way to make our terrace summer proof, I remembered my CANDLE TREE of 2 years ago. As I very much enjoyed the colourful burning lights during summer nights, I´d like to share this DIY with you. 100_2159

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After Summer Colour Palette

Like all good things in life, also summer is coming to an end.

Back to work instead of beach. Back to jeans instead of shorts. Back to soft neutrals instead of funky colours. But every season has its charms. I love the bluish light these cooler days can have. I’ve tried to capture the salty air; the cool breeze and the blue hues of the * after summer beach * in this colour palette.


As an ode to the beach, no matter what season!

Happy Summer Colour palette

I run into this happy dog at the park the other day and I just had to take a picture! The soft tints of brown -together with the soft pink- are a perfect base for a summery colour palette. I added some stronger brown and cheerful yellow to balance the sweet pastels a bit. dog4

Voilá, here is your new summer colour palette!

(If only this dog knew..)