Pinked Piano

Hi there!

This week I’d like to show you the results of my Piano Project.


Yep, it’s pink now! Many people had their doubts at first, but I think the results show that a pink piano isn’t weird at all. I love how the object blends into the rest of the interior now. The whole place is a peaceful pastel space now. Very relaxing I must day. Especially when someone is actually playing the piano ; )



My first goal of the year is done and I am glad how it turned out. I Love the cheerful but peaceful pastels (Hello Spring!!) & I’d Love to hear what you think! ~Inge


(photo credits: i /b )


Happy Summer Colour palette

I run into this happy dog at the park the other day and I just had to take a picture! The soft tints of brown -together with the soft pink- are a perfect base for a summery colour palette. I added some stronger brown and cheerful yellow to balance the sweet pastels a bit. dog4

Voilá, here is your new summer colour palette!

(If only this dog knew..)