Voorjaar in huis

Ik hoef het jullie natuurlijk helemaal niet te vertellen.. maar toch: de lente komt eraan!


En wie wordt er nu niet blij van dat zonnetje dat fijn naar binnen schijnt? Ik krijg zelf altijd meteen de neiging de tuindeuren open te gooien, maar daar is het nu nog net iets te fris voor. Vandaar dat ik het voorjaar nog maar even naar bínnen haal, onder andere met mooie bloemen in huis. Kom je even binnen kijken? Lees verder


Dag huis …


de oplettende kijker heeft het wel gemerkt: er zijn al een aantal maandagen verstreken zónder moodboard! Komt een beetje door alle verhuis chaos, ik kwam er gewoon niet aan toe. Maar wees gerust, de andere vertrekken van ons nieuwe huis houd je écht nog van me te goed. Er komen nog genoeg maandagen aan ; )

Allereerst wil ik nog even waardig afscheid nemen van ons ‘oude’ fijne huis. De afgelopen weken waren weer erg rommelig en dozerig, maar graag herinner ik ons fijne plekje zo:


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Bedside table

‘What to use as a bedside table’ is a question I hear sometimes.

Personally, bedside tables aren’t my favorites. I think they are dowdy, more often than not. That’s why I choose to use wooden crates as bedside tables in my own home. I like the natural look of wood; it always gives furniture something extra. I’ve painted mine white recently, for a cleaner look in the bedroom.

IMG_5333 IMG_5334

But I don’t ONLY use crates as bedside tables. I also store my magazines and CD’s in crates. And I use them as planters and as mini tables on the terrace. And when JJ will start to use her toys, I will add small wheels at the bottom of a crate to use it as a toys storage. 

IMG_5339 IMG_5342

Yes, I am a fan of wooden crates indeed!!  They are multifunctional and not that expensive.

Just consider this when you are looking for a small table in your bedroom, living room or balcony! ~You won’t regret, honestly.


She is only one month old, but JJ is already being spoiled!! Thank you all so much for your lovely gifts, girly dresses and funny toys. Just some pictures of the baby room/our home – showing your presents.

Picasa3 Picasa2 Picasa



Feeling grateful and blessed!


Confessions (part 2)

You know what they say, right? In a plumbers house, there is always something leaking. (Or something like that) Well, that describes exactly the situation at my home.

While I am pushing friends to choose a great lighting for their dining;  there is still a power wire – with no bulb at all – hanging on my own ceiling. And while stimulating an other person to hang something nice on their wall, mine are still empty. I have to confess that my house is not always the best example in styling. That’s why I finally took some effort to hang my pictures. Photo frames were still standing on the floor ever since we moved back.


All I can say is: Small effort, great effect! (thanks again to washi tape) Happy with my ‘new’ picture wall!


DIY: your own cup of coffee


As a wedding gift to friends, I wanted to created personal mugs for the newly weds. But first, of course, I did a trial on my own crockery. It turned out to be very easy peasy, so that’s why I’d like to share this DIY with you! Lees verder

Happy Easter

As coming weekend is a busy one, I already start today wishing you a joyful & relax Easter Weekend.

image image image image

For me, these days are filled with friends / family / church / chocolate / cake baking ..

How will you celebrate Easter?

Happy Holidays! X


PS. I found myself crafting last week.. On a fun DIY to enliven the kitchen cabinet a bit. Will share it with you next weekend!

Pinked Piano

Hi there!

This week I’d like to show you the results of my Piano Project.


Yep, it’s pink now! Many people had their doubts at first, but I think the results show that a pink piano isn’t weird at all. I love how the object blends into the rest of the interior now. The whole place is a peaceful pastel space now. Very relaxing I must day. Especially when someone is actually playing the piano ; )



My first goal of the year is done and I am glad how it turned out. I Love the cheerful but peaceful pastels (Hello Spring!!) & I’d Love to hear what you think! ~Inge


(photo credits: i /b )

Boxes and other chaos

You may know that I am in the middle of a personal project. Which is a BIG project to be honest.  Not only did we move all our belongings from Spain to the Netherlands. My beloved family reminded me that we stored at least 20 more boxes and some furniture at their place as well. So, you can imagine that the entire house is full of boxes and that nothing I am looking for is in the right place.

The only space that looks more or less organized is the kitchen. Not one box there at all.

IMG_3509 (2)

So, to keep up the spirit that maybe the rest of the house will feel like home again soon… just some pics of the progress to remind me that everything will be okay : )


Ps. What do you think about my tiny little Christmas Star Plant… Cute right?