Knusse Herfst Veranda

Gelukkig kunnen we nu nog heerlijk buiten zitten.

Maar om straks ook tijdens wat koudere dagen nog van het buitenleven te genieten, heb ik mijn tuin alvast herfst-proof gemaakt.


De felle roze en gele kleuren uit mijn voorjaarstuin, maken plaats voor meer warmere tinten. Lees verder



Sinds kort hebben wij een tuin.

Natuurlijk, die was er altijd al. Maar nu kun je er ook echt in lopen. En lekker in luieren. En met je auto in racen (peuterlief). En eigenlijk alles waar een tuin normaal gesproken voor bedoeld is.


Een jaar lang was de tuin namelijk Lees verder

Something about: Restyling / A Hot Spot / and Artichokes

Just some things I enjoyed last week:

1. // Brainstorming about one of my new interior projects. The first house I am about to restyle, already looks like this (left picture)


So, as you can imagine: it is a pretty hard job to restyle this lovely place! Somehow, I feel the right picture displays the perfect new colour scheme for this living room. Keep you updated about the process and results!

2. // Having a drink in at the most relaxing spot close to home: Villa Augustus. I always love coming here and I always regret forgetting to  bring my camera to take pictures of the stunning interior. Besides the great design indoors, Villa Augustus also owns a dreamlike garden where they grow all types of flowers and veggies. I will and I’ll definitely show it in ‘Mi lugar Favorito’ once, as it is one of my favorite places. For now you have to be satisfied with these pictures:

unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

3. // My artichoke (let’s call her Sue) bloomed in a fabulous way. Day 1-4:


And after more than one week, she is still being pretty purple:unnamed (1)

Yes, my beloved readers: It can be the smallest things that brighten your day ** ENJOY your weekend!!

(Photo credits // Ice cream picture: source unknown. // All other pictures: i /b)

DIY: Happy Summer Tree

While thinking of a way to make our terrace summer proof, I remembered my CANDLE TREE of 2 years ago. As I very much enjoyed the colourful burning lights during summer nights, I´d like to share this DIY with you. 100_2159

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Lingehoeve ~ Advice for a sunny day off

Last weekend, driving around in the sunny and green Linge area (Gelderland) Mr Husband and I stopped for a delicious lunch at De Lingehoeve. I’ve never been here before, but I instantly fell in love with this peaceful place where you can eat/drink/sleep/celebrate.

I didn’t bring my camera, but I just HAD to share this lovely place with you. So, enjoy these –imperfect- i-phone pictures!



Desktop1 To see some more:  Lees verder