Colour Palette & DIY


I discovered this photo of Ilona Habben the other day at Schoener-whonen.

Besides that this image shows a perfect composition and colour scheme  (Yes, I had to make a colour palette around this picture) – it also provides a great DIY. This could be a nice way to modernize the porcelain tableware of your great-grandmother. All you need is some tape to cover the parts of the crockery you want to keep original and paint or spray over the rest of the saucer. You could use some different tones of one colour, to avoid it from becoming too chaotic.  I think this is a great way to personalize your wall in a colourful way.

If you’d rather don’t want to waste your family inheritance, of course you could find yourself some antique items at the flea market ; ) 


Your Personal Photo Frame DIY

I love photos. I think a lot of us do. But the thing is: I don’t make time to select them. My computer is loaded with large collections of digital memories. The more photos’ I make, the harder it is to maintain a good overview of them all. So, lately, I decided to be harsh on myself.If you are like me, here is some advice ; )

Delete the photos you are NEVER going to print. And print the ones you DO want to print.

To start your new good habit, here is an easy DIY to showcase one of your most precious memories. It is much more fun looking at your happy summer holiday photo in this way, than through your computer screen.

IMG_2962 - kopie

To read a how to,

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Keep calm and DIY

Hi, as it is still holidays for most of us, I share a VERY easy do it yourself today. I found this simple but great mini-project at Lekker Fris

All you need to do is GO OUT instead of reading blogs;  find yourself a big branch and wrap an inspection lamp around it. (can be purchased at any local DIY store or garden centre)


Sober, but tough looking!

Lekker Fris is an inspirational blog, written in Dutch. (Yep, that explains the grammar in the picture!)

‘A’ is for …

The trend to add random letters into your interior, or even complete poems on your wall, continues to develop.  That’s why I thought to share some of my favorites.


1. Letters by House Doctor , picture by VTwonen .

2. Leuk Spul is a shop that sells a lot of nice stuff for your home. They even have their own label ‘100% Leuk’ printing random items to spice it up a little. Whenever  they start printing  bed sheets, I would be in!

3. Who says bible verses can’t rock your interior? Check HeeGoodies for more posters, cards and gifts.

4. For the ones who are very precisely and have a lot of patience: why not try to make letters out of old books! All you need is a ruler and a Stanley knife. Nice DIY, seen at VTwonen.

5. Pillows from VOLT studio, which I found at Loods5. The new 3D pillow collection is also pretty nice, as you can check out here.  (Doe mij die Bricks rose maar!)

Yeah, enjoy your weekend and see you next week!!

Personal Notebook

Since recycling & upcycling is becoming more and more popular, I decided to be creative and give some used stamps a second life. My mom is our greatest supporter ever since we moved to Spain and she sends us postcards almost every week. Besides her sweet messages, now I also have a personal notebook with some Dutch details.


IMG_2441  IMG_2445  IMG_2517-001

As it is so easy to do, I thought I’d share this DIY with you. All you need is a simple notebook, stamps and some adhesive foil for a decent finish.

Baby dresser becomes make-up cabinet

So, we’ve all been students at some age. We all know there there is not that much money to spend, but you DO want to have a great furnished place. That is why I turned this old baby dresser (found at the attic of my aunty) into a stylish make up cabinet. By painting the brown wood white, it instantly looked so much more clean and fresh. To make this item fit well with the sleeping area, I put the same wallpaper as used for the back wall of the bed, for both sides of the dresser. (wallpaper by Gamma)

Just a tip for any of you who have an old dresser/cabinet/whatever… wallpaper is the solution for a quick make over!

100_2364    bed

Sweet old memories ..