Being pregnant makes you do weird things.

Like getting up really early in the mornings (even on the weekend!!) to make yourself a yummie breakfast. I am kind of obsessed with food I must admit. And while chasing food I am not always the nicest person in the world.

Another thing is that I invent useless projects and then I have to realize them RIGHT NOW. Like decorating clothespins with washi tape. Just because it seems very important to showcase the birthday postcards we will receive (in 3 months from now) in a proper way. Yeah Right.

So, honey: I apologize and please remember: I will be normal again someday soon!


Wishing all of you an enjoyable weekend ! ~XX

(Photo credits:  i / b )

Ps. I found this T-shirt on the web and it pretty much says all of it, I think  ;)



Portuguese Tiles & DIY

I’ve probably told you before about my love for Portuguese tiles. The colours, the patterns and the opportunities simply make me happy. So, for today: just some Portuguese inspiration. Enjoy!!

The next pictures will show you that these tiles suit in both modern and classic interiors. And that they can be used for many different purposes – both for floor as well as for wall finishes- in your bathroom, kitchen or hallway.




Click ‘continue reading’ to see some more and check out a relatively easy DIY to bring some Portuguese vibes into your home!

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Oh deer

You’ll find them in every Christmas collection: all types of deers. Printed on cushions, posters and wall stickers. Also appearing in happy colours, deers are also a beloved item to decorate kids rooms with.

wallsticker- (Wall sticker by Pixers)

Some of my favorite deer decorations:  (Not only during Christmas time!! )

oh deer

Rack, by Kidzsupplies // Kids bed linen ‘Bambi’ by By Nord // Don’t ever lose your key, by Fonq // Poster ‘Oh deer’ by Springstof // Candle holder, by Foreverhome // Rack, by Bijzonder Mooi 

I think I’ll go hunting for deer bed linen this winter. By Nord doesn’t just sell that cute Bambi one, but they also have very pleasant bed linen for grown ups  ; )

Your Personal Photo Frame DIY

I love photos. I think a lot of us do. But the thing is: I don’t make time to select them. My computer is loaded with large collections of digital memories. The more photos’ I make, the harder it is to maintain a good overview of them all. So, lately, I decided to be harsh on myself.If you are like me, here is some advice ; )

Delete the photos you are NEVER going to print. And print the ones you DO want to print.

To start your new good habit, here is an easy DIY to showcase one of your most precious memories. It is much more fun looking at your happy summer holiday photo in this way, than through your computer screen.

IMG_2962 - kopie

To read a how to,

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