Portuguese Tiles & DIY

I’ve probably told you before about my love for Portuguese tiles. The colours, the patterns and the opportunities simply make me happy. So, for today: just some Portuguese inspiration. Enjoy!!

The next pictures will show you that these tiles suit in both modern and classic interiors. And that they can be used for many different purposes – both for floor as well as for wall finishes- in your bathroom, kitchen or hallway.





Click ‘continue reading’ to see some more and check out a relatively easy DIY to bring some Portuguese vibes into your home!

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Is it spring yet ??

So far, this January doesn’t feel like wintertime at all. It’s more like a fake spring or something. That’s why I am already looking forward to  s p r i n g  with its sunlight, beautiful colours, new energy and happiness. Some springy items that make me very happy:


So, throw out the last Christmas lighting and sheepskin boots & Bring some fresh colour inside with soft pastels and unusual plants and enjoy an early spring : )

Photo credits:  &Klevering // Interior Importer // Zara // Anthropologie // Hema

Colour Palette & DIY


I discovered this photo of Ilona Habben the other day at Schoener-whonen.

Besides that this image shows a perfect composition and colour scheme  (Yes, I had to make a colour palette around this picture) – it also provides a great DIY. This could be a nice way to modernize the porcelain tableware of your great-grandmother. All you need is some tape to cover the parts of the crockery you want to keep original and paint or spray over the rest of the saucer. You could use some different tones of one colour, to avoid it from becoming too chaotic.  I think this is a great way to personalize your wall in a colourful way.

If you’d rather don’t want to waste your family inheritance, of course you could find yourself some antique items at the flea market ; ) 

Stop painting everything white!

As I wrote before, upcylcing and recycling is totally hot. Which is a good thing. But still, I notice something strange…

Lots of times, when people want to renew an old piece of furniture, they paint it white! (Especially Dutch people ; ) Is this because we all accidentally love brocante / white washing / chalkpaint / and bric-a-brac  so much?

I like that style too, don’t get me wrong. But it seems like a lack of creativity to me sometimes.

Why don’t we want to challenge ourselves and do something like THIS with our furniture?


1. Use different shades of one colour for a Ombre effect (photo by Nattybydesign) 2. Use masking tape for a stripy effect (photo by VTwonen) 3. Paint some colourful graphics (photo by 101woonideeën)

If these graphics are a little too much for you, here’s a more safe idea: Lees verder