Nazomer kleurenpalet

Het is weer van dat weer. Dat je zowel mensen in een korte broek ziet lopen, als mensen met een bontkraag aan hun jas. Nazomeren heet dat ook wel. Klinkt in stukken leuker dan bijna-herfst.

Daarom heb ik dit nazomer kleurenpalet gemaakt. Bruine tinten horen sowieso bij de herfst, maar als je dat mixed met rood waarin een roze ondertoon zit, blijft het zonnige gevoel wat langer hangen. Deze kleuren rood en groen, roepen niet meteen het kerstgevoel op, maar doen nog denken aan een heerlijk bakkie in de late zon. Fijn toch?

kleurenpalet nazomer

(Dit lekkere bakkie is trouwens te halen bij  Uit je eigen Stad, waar ik al eerder een blogpost over schreef.)

It is that kind of weather lately. That you don’t know whether to wear your shorties or your warm coat. That’s why I created this after summer colour palette. Just because it sounds so much better than an autumn colour palette. When you choose a red with some pink in it, it doesn’t remind of Christmas immediately, but more of a warm summer night. And that’s what we like, right?


Something about: Restyling / A Hot Spot / and Artichokes

Just some things I enjoyed last week:

1. // Brainstorming about one of my new interior projects. The first house I am about to restyle, already looks like this (left picture)


So, as you can imagine: it is a pretty hard job to restyle this lovely place! Somehow, I feel the right picture displays the perfect new colour scheme for this living room. Keep you updated about the process and results!

2. // Having a drink in at the most relaxing spot close to home: Villa Augustus. I always love coming here and I always regret forgetting to  bring my camera to take pictures of the stunning interior. Besides the great design indoors, Villa Augustus also owns a dreamlike garden where they grow all types of flowers and veggies. I will and I’ll definitely show it in ‘Mi lugar Favorito’ once, as it is one of my favorite places. For now you have to be satisfied with these pictures:

unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

3. // My artichoke (let’s call her Sue) bloomed in a fabulous way. Day 1-4:


And after more than one week, she is still being pretty purple:unnamed (1)

Yes, my beloved readers: It can be the smallest things that brighten your day ** ENJOY your weekend!!

(Photo credits // Ice cream picture: source unknown. // All other pictures: i /b)

Before & After

I love ‘Before & Afters’. Because it shows you the opportunities a space can have, when you are willing to look beyond. I got a new request for an interior project, but unfortunately I have to wait a couple of weeks before I can get started. That’s why I am orienting myself and getting inspired on the web nowadays. This great Before & After shows the big change of a kitchen and dining place, as seen on A Beautiful Mess – one of my favorite blogs!



As the area only has windows on one side of the space, I think Laura did a great job with her use of colours, to brighten the space as much as possible. Cool, minty colours are not only working great to brighten a place (unlike brown colours), but they also enliven the space a lot! Talking about enliven, how about this spectacular black and white wall art! How cool is that!

Once again, the colour palette chosen provides a lot of opportunities to decorate the rest of the place with so many different (bright) colours – as shown with this table decoration.


Next thing: the kitchen. Lees verder

Colour Palette & DIY


I discovered this photo of Ilona Habben the other day at Schoener-whonen.

Besides that this image shows a perfect composition and colour scheme  (Yes, I had to make a colour palette around this picture) – it also provides a great DIY. This could be a nice way to modernize the porcelain tableware of your great-grandmother. All you need is some tape to cover the parts of the crockery you want to keep original and paint or spray over the rest of the saucer. You could use some different tones of one colour, to avoid it from becoming too chaotic.  I think this is a great way to personalize your wall in a colourful way.

If you’d rather don’t want to waste your family inheritance, of course you could find yourself some antique items at the flea market ; ) 

After Summer Colour Palette

Like all good things in life, also summer is coming to an end.

Back to work instead of beach. Back to jeans instead of shorts. Back to soft neutrals instead of funky colours. But every season has its charms. I love the bluish light these cooler days can have. I’ve tried to capture the salty air; the cool breeze and the blue hues of the * after summer beach * in this colour palette.


As an ode to the beach, no matter what season!

Funky Festival Colour Palette

Last week, there was this big festival in our town. While walking around and enjoying the shows, I realized something funny. On festivals like this, there seem to be more change to spot people with lime green sneakers or flamingo pink hot pants, than someone wearing an ordinary grey T-shirt. Somehow festivals are always full of colours. And that’s what makes us HAPPY, right?


So, for the ones who need to get back to work this week, keep up the  h a p p y  summer moods with this Funky Festival Colour Palette.

Happy Summer Colour palette

I run into this happy dog at the park the other day and I just had to take a picture! The soft tints of brown -together with the soft pink- are a perfect base for a summery colour palette. I added some stronger brown and cheerful yellow to balance the sweet pastels a bit. dog4

Voilá, here is your new summer colour palette!

(If only this dog knew..)