Something about: Restyling / A Hot Spot / and Artichokes

Just some things I enjoyed last week:

1. // Brainstorming about one of my new interior projects. The first house I am about to restyle, already looks like this (left picture)


So, as you can imagine: it is a pretty hard job to restyle this lovely place! Somehow, I feel the right picture displays the perfect new colour scheme for this living room. Keep you updated about the process and results!

2. // Having a drink in at the most relaxing spot close to home: Villa Augustus. I always love coming here and I always regret forgetting to  bring my camera to take pictures of the stunning interior. Besides the great design indoors, Villa Augustus also owns a dreamlike garden where they grow all types of flowers and veggies. I will and I’ll definitely show it in ‘Mi lugar Favorito’ once, as it is one of my favorite places. For now you have to be satisfied with these pictures:

unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

3. // My artichoke (let’s call her Sue) bloomed in a fabulous way. Day 1-4:


And after more than one week, she is still being pretty purple:unnamed (1)

Yes, my beloved readers: It can be the smallest things that brighten your day ** ENJOY your weekend!!

(Photo credits // Ice cream picture: source unknown. // All other pictures: i /b)


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