Before & After

I love ‘Before & Afters’. Because it shows you the opportunities a space can have, when you are willing to look beyond. I got a new request for an interior project, but unfortunately I have to wait a couple of weeks before I can get started. That’s why I am orienting myself and getting inspired on the web nowadays. This great Before & After shows the big change of a kitchen and dining place, as seen on A Beautiful Mess – one of my favorite blogs!



As the area only has windows on one side of the space, I think Laura did a great job with her use of colours, to brighten the space as much as possible. Cool, minty colours are not only working great to brighten a place (unlike brown colours), but they also enliven the space a lot! Talking about enliven, how about this spectacular black and white wall art! How cool is that!

Once again, the colour palette chosen provides a lot of opportunities to decorate the rest of the place with so many different (bright) colours – as shown with this table decoration.


Next thing: the kitchen.


This space is also brighten by the use of (the same) cool colours. Painting the kitchen cabinets white, don’t cost too much money or effort, but provides an instant new, clean look. By adding new handles, you can easily personalize your own kitchen cabinets. A dangerous thing to do –in my opinion- : placing a rug in your kitchen. It looks pretty decorating and inviting, but I personally wouldn’t dare while cooking!  : )



In the end, this really is a great project which inspires me a lot. I hope you enjoyed it & I hope I can inspire you with some of my own projects like this soon!

6a00d8358081ff69e201a73dbc751e970d-800wi(Photo credits: A Beautiful Mess)


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