I am not a foodie. Nor a great cook or that kind of person that likes to decorate cupcakes or knows how to make macarons.  But I simply love all these food blogs. With stunning pictures and delicious looking recipes. With beautiful table decorations and the finest crockery. With cakes and deserts which look to gorgeous to ever eat.

Therefore, I have decided to dedicate todays post to this subject. Not as good looking or complex as the way a real foodie would blog. But just for fun. Enjoy!

My blender is being used most of the time for healthy smoothies. But sometimes, I feel attracted to sweet temptations. That’s why I made some iced coffee and I promise you: it tastes gooood!


All you need to do is to make yourself some really strong coffee; let it cool down; and mix it with some vanilla ice cream in your blender. Voilá: your own iced coffee!

(Tip voor degenen die nog koffie maken met een ouderwets koffiezetapparaat: ik strooi altijd een klein beetje kaneel in het filter)

IMG_4397 IMG_4401

And whenever you are throwing a garden party or barbecue / / plan to go picnicking // or organizing a cupcake party for your kids birthday… Make just a little more effort than you usually would about your table decorations. Have a look at Miss Etoile or Rice for some inspiration to decorate your food and drinks. ~ It probably makes you feel almost as creative as a real foodie ! ~


(Photo credits. No 1,2,3: i /b No 4: Miss Etoile No 5: Rice)


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