Portuguese Tiles & DIY

I’ve probably told you before about my love for Portuguese tiles. The colours, the patterns and the opportunities simply make me happy. So, for today: just some Portuguese inspiration. Enjoy!!

The next pictures will show you that these tiles suit in both modern and classic interiors. And that they can be used for many different purposes – both for floor as well as for wall finishes- in your bathroom, kitchen or hallway.





Click ‘continue reading’ to see some more and check out a relatively easy DIY to bring some Portuguese vibes into your home!



Until I am able to have a colourful tiled wall finish in my kitchen (in my future huis-met-een-tuin-aan-het-water)… it might be a good idea to bring some tiles in our home in a more easy and cheaper way. That’s why I’d like to share the next DIY’s with you.

You could 1. Simply decorate the back wall of a wooden crat or small cabinet with some tiles. Or 2. Decorate the top of a wooden side-table to bring some Mediterranean vibes into your home. 


Good Luck !! : ) 

(Pictures: welke, eenigwonen, designtegels, inrichting-huis, rondomstijl)


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