A fresh start

Hi all,

You haven’t heard from me for a while, due to my holiday break. First of all I would like to wish you all: ** A wonderful, inspiring and creative 2014!! ** 

Personally, I am not a big fan of good intentions when a new year has started. I think that becoming a better/ more patience/ or healthier person hasn’t got anything to do with a certain time of the year. You can decide to make a difference every single day of the year!

That’s why I only choose to write down my creative goals  for 2014. Fun Projects I would like to work on this year:


1. Since our living room is made out of a colour scheme consisting tones of grey, white, mint green and some soft pink accents…. A cherry brown piano just does NOT really fit in our interior. That’s why I have a makeover for our piano in mind, which will be: soft pink!! The ones I already told tried to talk it out of my head, but trust me: it is so going to look great in our living room. Very 2014 as well ;)

colour scheme

2. Yes, we are expecting a baby early this summer! I haven’t got any clear ideas about the baby room yet, except that it will be a mix of modern with vintage. The one thing I had on my wish list, was the Eames rocking chair. But I think the seat is too low after all…  Any of you have some advice about this chair?


3. As I’d love to think about creative solutions to enhance the way your house or living is designed, my goal is to work on –at least-  two makeovers. Whenever you have any questions about space planning, colour schemes, window treatments or whatever you’d like to change, I am here to gladly inspire you and help you out.

Of course, I will give you some updates about the progress on my goals during the year. Furthermore I hope you’ll keep reading my blog to get inspired by the latest trends, DIYs and beautiful pictures.

** Stay with me in 2014 ~ Inge



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