Mi Lugar Favorito (4) -Thuis bij vrienden

In todays ‘Favorite Place’ I’d like to show you the warm winter home of my neighbours. While my own home is still a mess, I like go next doors to get inspired ; )


Fleur is a very creative person and that’s why her house is always changing. I think I could do a photo shoot in her home every month –and it would look different every time! This season definitely has a touch of pink, as the couple is expecting a baby girl.

Take a look and enjoy!







Steal the style:

*Keep the basics neutral and add some colour by the use of decorations.

*If you (still) don’t have a Christmas tree, why not decorate some branches which you showcase in a big vase.

*The more candles the better! Don’t be afraid to mix different sizes and colours. Group them all together on a decorative tray.

*The hanging stars can be purchased at Sissy Boy Homeland. A lot of other decorations shown, are available at Loods5.


~Thanks Fleur, for providing this happy holiday inspiration! 


4 gedachtes over “Mi Lugar Favorito (4) -Thuis bij vrienden

  1. Leuke post wieder, dat kan je wel ;) en je gaat lekker met je fotografiekwaliteit.. Wanneer is jouw huisje weer shootwaardig? Zie ik je bij mar volgende wk dinsdagavond? Is Dick dan weer in tha house? XX Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 09:36:45 +0000 To: jgoossensen@hotmail.com

  2. Looking good Ing! Wilde vragen of je die foto’s zelf maakt, maar aan Jolanda’s comment te zien is dat een ja? Super nice hoor! Als we lampen hebben mag je onze woning komen fotograferen :D

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