Portuguese construction

Today’s post hasn’t got anything to do with interior. Let’s talk about exterior for a change!

Maybe you know that I live in Spain, very close to the Portuguese border. Well, each time I visit a random Portuguese city or even a small village, I am amazed by the Portuguese architecture. A lot of famous Portuguese buildings/churches/museums show elements from the Late Gothic Period or Manueline.

Several elements appear regularly in these styles, are:  carved columns // semicircular arches // symbols of Christianity // elements from the sea // elements from newly discovered lands // and many, many more…

Desktop39(Braga / Viano de Castelo)Desktop40 (Lisbon)

Desktop37 (Braga)

100_3422-001 (Porto)

BESIDES all these cultural buildings, telling a heroic story by its architecture… I simply like the ‘normal’ buildings. The white plastered buildings. The colourful Portuguese tiles on old houses. The cast iron balconies in every street.


EVERY single Portuguese village will show you surprisingly detailed houses and buildings. You will be amazed.

Portuguese construction, what is NOT to like?

Desktop41 (photo credits: i / b)


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