Your Personal Photo Frame DIY

I love photos. I think a lot of us do. But the thing is: I don’t make time to select them. My computer is loaded with large collections of digital memories. The more photos’ I make, the harder it is to maintain a good overview of them all. So, lately, I decided to be harsh on myself.If you are like me, here is some advice ; )

Delete the photos you are NEVER going to print. And print the ones you DO want to print.

To start your new good habit, here is an easy DIY to showcase one of your most precious memories. It is much more fun looking at your happy summer holiday photo in this way, than through your computer screen.

IMG_2962 - kopie

To read a how to,

All you basically need is: a strong piece of cardboard // some (colourful) paper with a nice print // one or two clothespins / and your favorite holiday picture printed in LARGE. (You could consider to print in black and white for a rich effect)


So here’s what you have to do: Stick the paper to the cardboard with some glue, to create a special background for your picture. I used different paper for both sides, so I can switch background whenever I like. To easily change photos in your personal photo frame, you could hang your photo by using clothespins. I used big blue ones, but you can also use the normal wooden ones and paint them or decorate them with some masking tape. Masking tape could also be used to stick photos to the cardboard background, as you can easily remove the tape without damaging the photo. (Instead of using the clothespins)


I like to add stamped words or numbers as well. In this way you can ‘tell’ where your picture is taken (“Lovely London” for example) or it helps you(r husband) to never forget your wedding date ; )

** Have fun creating your personal photo frame ! **


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