Stop painting everything white!

As I wrote before, upcylcing and recycling is totally hot. Which is a good thing. But still, I notice something strange…

Lots of times, when people want to renew an old piece of furniture, they paint it white! (Especially Dutch people ; ) Is this because we all accidentally love brocante / white washing / chalkpaint / and bric-a-brac  so much?

I like that style too, don’t get me wrong. But it seems like a lack of creativity to me sometimes.

Why don’t we want to challenge ourselves and do something like THIS with our furniture?


1. Use different shades of one colour for a Ombre effect (photo by Nattybydesign) 2. Use masking tape for a stripy effect (photo by VTwonen) 3. Paint some colourful graphics (photo by 101woonideeën)

If these graphics are a little too much for you, here’s a more safe idea:Please DO paint your flea market finds to give them a second life. You are right if you realise that oldies deserve to be a masterpiece in your interior. But please, consider something different. Why not try a blue, green or peachie pink chalkpaint for a change. It will definitely change the look of your (bed)room or hallway.


Photo credits: Nattybydesign.

Lots of beautiful pictures and great make-over projects can be found over here.


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