Mi Lugar Favorito (2) -Thuis bij mijn ouders

This time ‘Mi lugar favorito’ is a very special one. Proudly I represent you this ‘favorite place’ : my parents house! I’ve been raised on this Dutch farm, which dates from the 17th century. It is family property since 1850 and nowadays it shows a nice mix of old farmy details,  together with more contemporary influences.


The kitchen shows: typical blue handpainted pots,  a collection of old storage cans, and the best: handmade terracotta tiles with floor heating. (Which means: always warm feet on these kitchen tiles!)

Within the entire house, a lot of old details are still visible. Like the original cupboardbeds, now used as storage… Like the old barn windows, and the in-between-floors. The small stairs lead you to ‘de opkamer‘ which is a typical old Dutch way of building a room above the basement.

IMG_0466  IMG_2862  IMG_0475

The antique clock used to be my great-grandmothers. Yep, a lot of items in this house come with some family history!


IMG_0471  IMG_0520  IMG_2860

Not only I feel at home INSIDE the house. My parents create nice places to sit down, all around the farm. So, you can find a nice place to have a coffee AND catch some sun, ALL time of the day!


This place is definitely one of my favorite places. Like the sign in the hall is saying: ‘Hotel Mama, always open’ and that’s exactly what this house is: a warm place where you feel very welcome and which is always open. 


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