Mi lugar favorito (1) – Galicië

Meaning so much as “my favorite place”. In this category I’d like to share some places which always make me happy. I hope they have the same effect on you!

Good food AND good design seem to be a rare combination in our city. Luckily ‘Trastienda del Cuatro’ knows better! Luckily for us, this bar/restaurant is only a one-minute-walk from our house. My husband can get hysterical over the food. I can get hysterical over the ambiance. (And the Portuguese floor tiles. Okay, and the wine.) Here is why Trastienda is simply fabulous:

IMG_2620    IMG_2652    IMG_2650

Want to see some more? Click:


IMG_2617-001    IMG_2654-001    IMG_2657-001


IMG_2624-001    IMG_2626-001    IMG_2642-001

Now you’d wish to have your wine and delicious tapas here, don’t you? Well, you’ll find Trastienda in our hometown Vigo, right here.


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