Dots and other sweetness

Whenever we went for holidays with our family, back in the old days, I always tried to be the first one to start packing. Not because I loved packing so much (still not), but just to have the first pick with washbags. The choice was either grey, dark blue or aubergine/brown striped. Not exactly a good choice, if you’d ask me. I desperately wanted to avoid ending up with the grey one, so I always tried to get the aubergine stripie one.

During my recent trip to London, my dear friend pointed at my striped buddy and said in disbelief: “You still have THAT one?!” So yes, at this point I realised that after some 15 years of travelling it was about time for me to get a new one. Not just a washbag… I fell in love with this one from Cath Kidston.


Finally I can travel in style by having a washbag that at least fit with my gender. So, nothing new for my UK readers, but I didn’t know this fabulous brand. Cath Kidston does not only sell nice travel and bathroom accessories, but also very cute handbags and happy stationary. In fact: they sell anything for your home,  like: wallpaper, mugs and even floor tiles.


(photo credits: Cath Kidston)

If you are into dots and flowers, check out their website to see if they sell in your country. (Spain: check!)


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