I admit. I am a pinky. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t share this love for the colour pink. His biggest fear is that one day when he comes home from work, he’ll see me painting all the walls pink. I don’t think I will, but with this post I just want to show that pink is not necessarily soft or sweet. As you can see in the next images, pink can make a real strong statement, when having a sober, white base.

pink  lightlocationssroze3  woonkeuken

Not that sweet at all !!  Right?

(Photo credits: Lightlocations)

As I was so inspired, I thought I might get started with bringing some pink into our home. Okay, our house is very Spanish, (meaning: big lack of white… having brown floors and doors instead) BUT, I think this colourful stool (by Zara Home) is not that bad to enliven the brown hall a bit.


IMG_2513    IMG_2504    IMG_2507

What do you think about pink?


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